Personal Review of Criminological Issues from the Viewpoint of the Criminal, Victim, and Families

Personal Review of Criminological Issues from the Viewpoint of the Criminal, Victim, and Families

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Watching fictional crime programmes as a child, then discovering an interest in more factual based programmes in recent years fuelled my interest in the criminal world. Previous studies in related subjects fostered an interest in how society explains the reasons and consequences of crime and criminal behaviour. How those guilty of criminal activity justify their behaviour and how the often one dimensional portrayal of criminality by the media (such as the summer riots in 2011) influence the way in which society views it? Looking into the subject in my own time, I read Criminology by John Ainsworth, finding it helpful in outlining the goals and research methods that form the discipline whilst allowing me to discover what studying the subject in more depth would entail. I am particularly interested in restorative justice, how it contrasts with the way the process has worked historically and whether it could be an effective tool in the prevention of re-offending of serious criminal behaviour. I am keen to examine criminological issues from the viewpoin...

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