Essay on Personal Relationship With The Youngest Of My Five Brothers

Essay on Personal Relationship With The Youngest Of My Five Brothers

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The important personal relationship in my life that I choose to use for this essay is the relationship I have with the youngest of my five brothers, Russell. Russell has a disorder that is close to autism so growing up and interacting with him is sometimes different than growing up with a younger brother that may not have his disorder. I have huge responsibilities, as an older brother, to have a positive leadership role and set good examples for him to live by. Russell and I have different mothers, so he spends half of his time with me, at our dads house, and he spends the other half of his time at his mother 's house. At his mom 's house, he does not have many positive role models, as they often leave him alone for extended periods of time and do not make him do is school work, etc. Most of the time, Russell will only do things that appear appealing to him (TV, video games, comic books, etc.) when he knows he should be doing his homework or something of that value. Him only being concerned about entertaining himself puts a lot of pressure on me (because I am the oldest brother in ...

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