Personal Reflection Paper On Psychology

Personal Reflection Paper On Psychology

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As a Psychology major I educationally already benefitted from taking this marriage and family course. The real question for me is, did I expect to learn so much about myself and the people around, and how aspects in their lives change who they are and how we all live our lives? Well my answer is no, I originally looked at this course strictly as educational rather than realistically. The concept behind psychology is to question everything, with such a understanding of myself and family/friends I question if my upbringing would have different I wouldn’t be the person I am today! Or truly think about what I want in a partner; qualities that I liked and hated in past relationships. Even this course helped me question and understand how an unfaithful relationship affected someone close to me as an individual and the relationship as a whole. I truly received a better understanding about myself and the world around me with this course , Chapters 5, 13, and 15 really stood out to me , but with anyone who is lost , or confused in their life now , relationships ,or the future and the aspects of what makes you , you! You can benefit a lot from taking this course.
Chapter 13 revolves around “Parent-Children Relationships.” This chapter really intrigues me because whoever raised you creates the basic type of person you are going to grow into along the way. As we grow we make our decisions and mistakes everyday but my parents provided the foundation of the person I would become. I grew up in a very open household , they wanted my brother and I to feel safe coming to them with any problem , of course I argue and disagree with my parents but, I have never felt scared or uncomfortable being able talking to them . Growing up in an open househo...

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...back from my fellow classmates. I’m grateful and happy I choose to take this class, I personally feel better about future obstacles I can tackle with the knowledge I obtained in this psychology course. I’m glad I truly now understand my relationship with my parents and grateful for the way I was raised and learning from family mistakes. I feel hopeful about finding someone to trust with my heart in the future hopefully someone who fits my qualities and brings more good qualities into the relationship. Lastly, I’m glad this course helped me help a friend during a awful situation. Even though I couldn’t do much I’m glad I was there to talk to and I now understand everything she felt. No matter who are you, what age you are, or what’s going on in life guidance and knowledge is always beneficial and that is what I received for this Marriage and Family Psychology course.

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