Essay on Personal Reflection On The Organizational Setting

Essay on Personal Reflection On The Organizational Setting

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Personal experience in the organisational setting
From the above description of appreciative inquiry, comes the most striking shift from the early industrial approaches to organisational management. The suggestion of collecting people’s stories shows the valuing of personal experience in the organisational development paradigm. Nilsson (2007) writes of the development of the concept of self-expression in the romantic era, “the unique and subjective flowering of inner exploration, as a central personal, social, and spiritual good” (p. 8). The shift from the traditional suppression of this expression in the workplace (Brown, 2013), to a modern landscape which places value in it, is of great importance in the context of an organisation engaging in acts of observation and reflection into their internal and external practices. The lack of personal expression in an organisational setting is expressed below in Argyris 's (1972) book, Integrating the Individual and the Organisation.
In a world where the expression of feelings is not valued, the individuals will build personal and organizational defenses to help them suppress their own feelings or inhibit others in such expression. (p. 101)
The approach of an organisational environment integrated with subjective experience, is typified by Nilsson & Paddock 's (2013) “Inscaping”, which they define as “surfacing the inner experiences of organizational members during the normal course of everyday work” (p. 3). Their interest is in how this practice of experiential surfacing can affect the organisational capacity for social innovation.
Inscaping can take an almost endless variety of forms. It may happen through simple check-ins at the start of meetings, through experiential revelations in inf...

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...arning over blame, room for experimentation, and mutual respect. These are all qualities that support general resilience. If they are attended to, the capacity for social innovation will also increase, creating a virtuous cycle that in turn builds the resilience of the entire society. (p. 6)
Nilsson & Paddock (2013) agree with this in valuing the same qualities that occur in an organisation of high quality connections, where the generative nature of the organisation encourages the rapid growth of new ideas. These themes of resilience and personal experience are of particular interest in the organisational development context of social innovation, as they bring to the fore a nuanced social perspective from the constituents of the organisation. This provides potential lenses into how the organisational capacity for social innovation may be both generated and sustained.

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