Personal Reflection On People With Disabilities Essay

Personal Reflection On People With Disabilities Essay

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Personal Reflection on People with Disabilities
People with disabilities are still people, they are people with hearts and they are actual physical beings; people with disabilities do their best to live every day to their fullest, yet that is still not enough for others. I feel like as a whole, humans are generally uncomfortable with people who have disabilities. Let’s think of it this way, people live their life every day in their normal lives and then they come across a person with a disability and suddenly their life is interrupted, like it is such a barrier in their flow of life to come across someone different from themselves.
When I was younger, I use to think that people who hold a type of disability were weird and off, so I thought that I didn’t have to like them or view them in a positive light because they weren’t like me. It is horrible that I use to think that way, but to be brutally honest, I think this is what is perceived in the minds of young children’s minds. Children grow up thinking that people with a disability are weird and that they should be treated differently, because they are young and inexperienced in dealing with situations like this. Things like this, like learning how to accept and view people with disabilities in a positive light is something that is learned, not inherited when you are born.
In 6th grade, I had a teacher who had a son that had a disability, I believe her son had down syndrome but I am not a hundred percent positive. I distinctly remember when her husband brought him to come visit the classroom, after her husband had taken him back home, many students began calling him a retard and that was extremely rude! This had gone on for a while and then my teacher had enough, she made all of...

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...ositive side. To change the attitudes and how to do it? I am not quite sure, but in my mind, I feel like to be able to change this, you have to start with yourself. Like what was stated before, we as a whole need to learn how to have respect and understand people with disabilities and view them in a positive light. From there, we can promote the recognitions of people with disabilities like they are members of society and not discriminate against them.
What I wish to learn in RTH 200, is to be able to learn from experience and use this experience to better my career. I feel that RTH 200 will give me the chance to come out of my shell and interact with people with disabilities and many others, as well as diversity in all aspects. Lastly, the most important thing I want to learn from RTH 200, is to have the ability to service others and help them better their lives.

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