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Personal Reflection On Counseling Reflection Essay examples

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Counseling ReflectionBefore this experience, the longest counseling session I had taped was only 10 minuteslong. Therefore, after discovering that we would be taping a 30 minute session, I becameextremely anxious. A torrent of worries swept t
hrough my mind, “What if I say something

wrong? What if the client says nothing? What if the tape doesn’t work? And what can
we talk
about for 30 minutes?”
But, as those worries sprang to life, I remembered some wise advice thathelped alleviate my anxiety.Within the assigned readings for my techniques class, I have learned that in order tosucceed you have to fail. As blunt as that sounds, it is an accurate statement in regards tobudding counselors. I will not instantly become a great counselor and I will inevitably fail andmake many mistakes during my training. But, these mistakes will help pave my way towardsbecoming a successful counselor. Prior to beginning my 30 minute counseling session, Irepeated this phrase over and over again while practicing some deep breathing to calm myself down. This mind set and relaxation process helped me appear calm and collected, even thoughon the inside I was a nervous mess.After pulling myself together, I began the counseling session by asking my client whatshe would like to discuss. She had concerns regarding her current finances and her futurefinancial stability. Furthermore, she believed that her counseling profession was grosslyunderappreciated and did not receive adequate compensation
. I practiced the “L.U.V”
techniqueof listening, understanding, and validating so she would realize she was truly being heard.Additionally, I maintained an attentive posture by leaning slightly forward in my seat and used aslow, softly toned...

... middle of paper ...

...or choosing a “simple minded” profession. I
followed her comment with theL.U.V technique to help her reflect upon her emotion and sit with her anger surrounding this newrealization. This moment of clarity the client reached could not have been attained had I notused an open ended question paired with empathetic listening.While I am pleased with my overall counseling session, there are areas in which I know Icould have done better and need to work on. One area of my counseling that needs drasticimprovement is my use and understanding of metaphors. Within this counseling session, I feelas if I may have dipped too far into the metaphor world and would love to be able to take back my metaphor about her trying to catch up with her friends. You could clearly see that she did notagree with the metaphor. But, at least when a metaphor blows up in your face, the client usually

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