Essay on Personal Reflection On Counseling Psychology

Essay on Personal Reflection On Counseling Psychology

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I have always enjoyed puzzles. Even though you often have to dig for the pieces for a while, they are always there and are always essential to creating the whole picture. This is why I seek a career in counseling psychology. Counseling is not about shaping a person into something they are not nor is it stealing pieces from other puzzles to create a whole picture. Rather, counseling is working with all of the pieces of one person to empathetically create a whole picture. Through my critical thinking, empathy and social perceptiveness, I plan to seek my vocation in counseling psychology.
I wish to make an impact on the world. In this aim, I can only succeed if I am ambitious in my career goals. I aim to learn from New York University Counseling Psychology faculty, such as Dr. Javdani, and utilize my skills assisting marginalized or emotionally traumatized populations. By earning my doctorate degree in Counseling Psychology, I will gain skills that will better equipped me to make a difference with these groups of people. I aim to work as a licensed counseling psychologist providing person-centered therapy in my own clinic. Utilizing the flexibility of operating my own practice, I plan to teach part time at a university to help educate the next generation of psychologists. Albert Einstein once said, “Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death.” It is following this sentiment that I wish to keep my life intertwined with academia by eventually becoming a part-time professor at a university in conjunction with operating my own clinical psychology practice.
I am choosing to apply to the Counseling Program at New York University due to the structure of the program, the tremendous reputation New York University ...

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... is required to possess to excel. These concrete experiences support my capacity for excellent work as both a clinician and a researcher.
Throughout college, I have sought to make myself well rounded. Aside from my psychology major, I was also involved Honors College, English minor and Greek Life. Each of these activities provided guidance that would lead me towards a career in counseling psychology. The Honors College instilled in me the pursuit of knowledge and understanding. The English minor evolved my love to read and analyze information. My leadership and involvement in Greek Life taught me how to successfully interact with people from all different walks of life. Each of these learned skills grew from countless experiences in the various activities. However, all of these skills are characteristic of counseling psychology and have lead me to this career path.

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