Personal Reflection of Gender, Race, and Sexual Orientation Development During my College Years

Personal Reflection of Gender, Race, and Sexual Orientation Development During my College Years

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This refection paper focus on my own experiences related to gender, race, and sexual orientation development during my college years. My reflection will be grounded on three theories: Josselson’s theory of women id development, Ferdman and Gallegos Latino/Latina identity development, and Worthington et al.’s model of heterosexual identity development.
These theories offered me a unique opportunity to reflect and develop my own understanding of my gender identity, race identity, and my sexual orientation identity.

Gender Identity Development

Professor MaryBeth’s PowerPoint introduced me to couple gender identity developments, but one in particular caught my attention, Josselson’s Identity Theory. The readings about gender identity development forced me to reflect on this matter, which I admit that I never pay close attention to this topic before. These reflections lead me back to my college years.
Josselson’s theory analyzes why some women have crisis, and if they integrate their dilemmas into their gender identity. Josselson’s women id development states include: foreclosures, identity achievers, moratoriums, and diffusers.
According to Professor MaryBeth’s PowerPoint, the foreclosure state includes women who adopted an unquestioning acceptance of familial identification. In my experience, I am in this group because I feel like I have internalized and adopted my parents’ values, my parents’ beliefs, their standards about gender, and lessons they taught me growing up. The identity achievers include women who question and challenge choices, have experienced a crisis, and create an identity for them. This group usually explores and challenges their options and they feel like they have the authority to make their ...

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...ect to sexual orientation, values, needs, and behaviors (as cited in Mueller & Cole, 2009).
Mueller and Cole article really opened my eyes towards what it means to be heterosexual. It was very interesting to learn about other students’ views about their sexual orientation, the role of faith in their views on sexuality, and the invisibility of heterosexuality (2009). I never really thought about this idea of being invisible because you are part of a dominant group and you never have to think about your sexual orientation. It is really interesting that, I do not have to explain myself to every new person that I met that I am heterosexual because being straight it is the dominant sexual orientation in the Brazilian and American culture. As stated in the article, “being heterosexual is our culture and we really don’t even need to think about it” (Mueller & Cole, 2009).

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