Personal Psychology : Statement Of Purpose Essay examples

Personal Psychology : Statement Of Purpose Essay examples

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Oluwaseyi Ade-Ojo: Statement of Purpose

My journey to becoming an organisational psychology had been a long one. As a child, all I wanted was to engage in an area of employment that influenced the world in a way that would make humans’ lives better. A work that will inspire others and make them want to live life, this was a dream I always had. I always wanted to help people, so decided to be a doctor, but low and behold science was not quite my strong suit. It was disheartening to see a dream I longed for drifting away. But soon, I found hope in a friend. She said, “I think you could become a psychologist.” A profession I had not quite heard of. She further explained, and it seemed I found my perfect fit. After my enrolment, I set out on my journey to be psychologist but was not sure on which path to go. I couldn 't go the science route as it didn 't seem like my strength, and my past experience was not so pleasant to motivate me to try. So I decided to search other courses related to psychology, and I found organisational psychology. In the midst of all the courses that sprung up,...

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