Personal Opinion Essay: Thoughts and Beliefs

Personal Opinion Essay: Thoughts and Beliefs

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(Drum roll) So there you have it, possible answers to the big questions: who, what, where, when and why. All things considered (significant or trivial), I suppose little is for certain in this magnificent universe man calls home.
Along with many others in the world, I am concerned for the future and ultimate fate of humankind. Despite the abundance of brilliant minds developing new technology in every field to improve life for the people on this spinning, little piece of rock, I fear the humanity of the human species has not progressed at quite the same rate. Uncertainty about what I believe floods my thoughts when I hear about senseless human and animal suffering, never-ending violence, deception, greed, and prejudice. I have often wondered why some people are born with a silver spoon, and others have no spoon at all. Man has numerous mountains to conquer, high hurdles to clear, and giant leaps to take.
I want to hear about humanitarians; those people who roll up their sleeves and get down in the trenches to advance their cause. I want to hear that the ability to pay does not determine the quality of healthcare a person receives. I want to hear that the use of military warfare will never again be pre-emptive and that peaceful, diplomatic solutions have prevailed without the killing first. I want to hear that science and faith have called a truce. I want to hear that religious and charitable organizations are keeping out of politics or paying taxes. I want to hear that justice is not blinded by the color of money, or just color, or just money. I want to hear that not one child in the world is going to bed hungry, and that all people have access to clean, drinking water. I want to hear that foreign aid g...

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This book is a potpourri of facts, theories, opinions, and beliefs. Researching and studying a vast amount of material, recalling numerous conversations, and reflecting on past, personal experiences over the course of many years provided the foundation for the majority of the text. The personal philosophies the author may have established may not reflect the conclusions drawn by the authors of the following internet publications, books, journals, magazine articles, periodicals, documentaries, and television productions.

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