Personal Opinion Essay: Perspective on Religion

Personal Opinion Essay: Perspective on Religion

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In today’s progressive world new religious have emerge in the 21st century by bringing with them a new faith, perspectives, practices and more. However, these new religions tend to look miserable upon by the older religions such as Judaism, Christianity, Islam and other religions. Therefore, non- religions people as well as religions people call these new Religions were insulted as “cults”, connected them with malevolent, angers, faiths, and outrageous. This kind relationship is very similar to job old employers getting praise and new employers getting no praise, just because they are new and inexperience. It could also be because usually religions do not incline to accept religions that anticipate them.
Personally, me as a religion person in the Hinduism community, I do have faith in my religion with all my sensitivity and I will continue to have belief in my religions as long as I live my life. However, this also does not mean that I am a bias against new religions because even though I believe in different religions I do respect their conviction and I do not think they are false either. Therefore, everyone has a freedom to choose what they want to believe in, whatever they want to believe in; however, there are some people who thinks believing in new religions can help them in their lives, and then I believe there is nothing wrong with that because they have full freedom to do whatever they want. My own point of view on the world is different from other people perspective, but it does not mean my point of view is accurate one that would be doing unreasoned assumption. I also believe that new religions can be true because I have faith in all religions are true and including the new ones as well as I mentioned in my first week ...

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...ity. Besides, science has still a long destiny to go in discovery of our hidden skills, so who is to say it is not true, when there is a lot to determine.
In conclusion, all new religions are no less believable than old religions because there are all of the new religions will deliberate when they first developed. All of the religions were created under the same process, under different situations; but still the identical as other religions. Moreover, there are no religions that can give evidence to others to prove themselves that they are the only true one; no one has actual existing evidence that will make everyone believe. Therefore, we all are on the same situation where being against a new religion is mediating without even doing any investigation to know the whole truth, even though your own religion agonized the same difficulty at one point in life time.

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