Personal Opinion Essay About The National Anthem

Personal Opinion Essay About The National Anthem

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Blinding flashes of light lit the night. Great booms and blasts shook the very earth underneath the soldiers' feet. Groans and shuddering breaths could be heard even over the cacophony. Confusion reigned on the British side ever since their commander, General Robert Ross, had been killed. A fierce sense if determination drove the Americans. They all knew that the end would be soon. The war would end that night. The bombing of Fort McHenry continued on for 25 hours until, finally, there was silence. The fort had held and against all odds, the Americans had won. "And the rockets' red glare, the bombs bursting in air/gave proof through the night, that our flag was still there." (Francis Scott Key lines 5-6). The rockets' red glare...bombs bursting in air... Not a very pretty picture is it? Some may say that the national anthem is a testament to America's resilience and strength as a nation. Perhaps they're right. But there's also the other side: the fact that thousands of people died during this war, that the capital, D.C., was burnt to the ground. We often overlook these facts when we ...

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