Personal Opinion: Education and Teaching Methods Essay

Personal Opinion: Education and Teaching Methods Essay

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In the 12th and 13th centuries, ideas and attitudes regarding education began to change considerably, gaining supreme importance, and in due course leading to an intellectual revolution in the foreseeable 14th century. The main reason for this advancement was the establishment of more towns, resulting in an increased necessity of formal education; Therefore, In 800, although it did not happen immediately, Charlemagne ordered that every town in the “Holy Roman Empire” shall establish a school. With the coming of the economic revival of the late 11th century, educational opportunities became increasingly more achievable. At this time the development of organized learning was just beginning but as you said in the prompt would ultimately lead us to the “type of higher education system” that we have established today. As the book states, “By 1179, Pope Alexander III decreed that all cathedrals should set aside income for at least one school-teacher, whose task would be to accept all comers, rich or poor, without fee. (Coffin, Stacey, Cole, & Symes, 2011)” Besides the integration of technology, methods of learning today are based off the past and therefore have very similar characteristics. I personally believe the purpose of education is the same now as it was back when it was first established, to create a specialized, functioning member of society, whether that be a menial worker, clerk, merchant, musician, mathematician, lawyer, doctor, or other profession.
In my opinion, the main reason why “how we learn is as important as what we learn” is the fact that teaching can be biased or influenced based on the presenters’ opinion or teaching method. Being taught one idea or theory and not being exposed to one or multiple others may ...

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...ematician, lawyer, doctor, or other profession. During this time of expansion we were beginning to realize the importance of education to society. With the 14th century within the foreseeable future, the intellectual revolution was right around the corner. During the 12th and 13th centuries, we as a society made significant strides towards a greater educational system that would eventually be established, some refer to this intellectually influential time period as the “Renaissance before the Renaissance.” Without these ground-breaking developments during this time-period we would not be as far along as a society as we are today.

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Coffin, Judith; Stacey, Robert; Cole, Joshua; Symes, Carol; Western Civilization: Their History & Their Culture Seventeenth Edition. W.W. Norton & Company NY, London. 2011. Print

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