Personal Note On Values And Values Essay

Personal Note On Values And Values Essay

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There are many different meanings when we type out the word “Values” in the internet. From “importance, worth or usefulness of something” to a “person’s principles or standards of behavior” and “one’s judgement of what is important in life.” (Google) All these meaning have a word in common, important. My meaning to values is what I consider important in my life, simple as that. There are over 100 values in which are all very significant in our daily lives. It is hard to choose just a few values when in reality we all want all of them even if we don’t admit we need it. If I had to choose values, it would be family, happiness, loyalty, honesty, and lastly responsibility.
I have been blessed enough of always having my two parents and my sisters with me when growing up till today. Family is everything, they are my blood, and it’s the only thing I will always have with me here. My parents have taught me so much and supported me always. I will always look up to them and wish I will be like them one day. They both met in Matamoros, my mom being from Cd. Victoria, Tamaulipas and my dad from Guatemala. When they became a couple in Matamoros they both wanted a better life so they eventually crossed over to the US, swimming. They had nothing here they had to find jobs, my dad found one being a maintenance worker at a house and my mom would help him. Little by little they started to have a better life, I always looked up to them on how they never stop working to better themselves and for their future family. They came to having nothing to my dad owning a company. It didn’t come easy but they did it. Since my parents came here alone with no family, it is the only thing I have here both my parents and my 3 sisters. They are my everything. Sin...

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... values will not lead you in the right direction. I have the right tools to teach individuals how to be responsible and take action for their life. A challenge would be a client is being stubborn after so many sessions. For example, this client has been needing help how to be responsible in taking their medications but won’t do it due to not caring if he doesn’t. I’m sure many clients will be stubborn and hard heard but that’s what social workers are here for to be stubborn and persistent to make them better.
Values can make our life much easier when we acknowledge them. It’s up to us to choose which are important to us and make us succeed in life. Without values, society would be a complete disaster. Values are a necessity in our daily lives. Values are things that signify the core aspects of our self. Values are our set of rules we go by. Values are important.

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