Essay on Personal Note On Time Management

Essay on Personal Note On Time Management

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“Has anybody seen my time? I’ve misplaced it!” (van den Berg, 2016). These word echoes through the mind of many a pastor. Unmanaged time has three distinct characteristics namely:
• Unmanaged time flows toward my weaknesses.
• Unmanaged time comes under the influence of dominant people in my world.
• Unmanaged time surrenders to the demands of all emergencies
There are three fundamental rules one must apply if one is to recapture lost time. These rules are rather simple in theory but requires extreme discipline when applying them in practice. The rules are as follows:
• I must know my rhythms of maximum effectiveness.
• I must have criteria for choosing how to use my time.
• I must budget my time.
“With time management my busyness reflects a plan of activity, a pattern of priorities, and a sense of purposefulness. It is a good and satisfying busyness through which one grows and increase competence” (van den Berg, 2016).
“Without time management my busyness could be a destructive busyness that reflects a chaotic way of life – a way of doing in which one is simply responding to the next thing in the day, the next crisis, the next phone call, the next claim that is laid upon my time, the next speaking appointment that has to be met, the next sermon to be prepared” (van den Berg, 2016).
There are two main principles with regard to time management namely:
• Time management is not about getting everything done. Time management is about getting the most important things done; which means time management is about making hard decisions concerning of what is important.
• To budget my time in order to do the important things.
8.1. How to identify the important things.
In identifying the important things, it is helpful to...

... middle of paper ... further fostered a feeling of cohesion as it integrated the candidates into the views and mission of the larger AFM family. The candidates were challenged to deliver work and lives of excellence which will bring glory to the Kingdom of God.
Skills development in all spheres of life is a major component of the MIL program and as such there is a clear attempt to foster a culture of lifelong learning and continual development. It is the opinion of the author that this places the AFM in a powerful position to develop as a church for all people irrespective of changes within society.
With the experience of the first workshop as a frame of reference the author looks forward expectantly to the remaining three workshops of 2016. The challenges posed to candidates at these workshops creates excitement and a desire to strive for excellence in service of the Kingdom of God.

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