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Personal Note On Social Worker Essay

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Social worker
Just like any other freshman in high school, what I want to do when I graduate has a weird way of changing every week. As crazy as that might sound, it is very true. One week I wanted to be a dentist and the next week I wanted to be a counselor. Although I always knew that I wanted to help people out in some way, I never knew exactly what career I wanted to pursue. After weeks of exploring my options, I started to think back to my childhood. When I was a child, I had a friend that had to move into a foster home. Because her mother was under the influence of drugs, she could not take care of her child. My friend would always tell me about her social worker and how she “brightened her day” every time that she met with her. Seeing how hurt my friend was at such a young age made me want to make sure that no child has to go through anything like that alone.
Child, family, and school social workers are something like heroes. It might seem like they do not have a hard job, but social workers have many tasks to perform. They are expected to have excellent organizational skills, be able to work independently, have great emotional maturity and possess the sensitivity to deal with people 's problems on a daily basis. There are so many patients to meet with and not enough social workers, so the pace is extremely fast. They help children of all ages cope with issues that they face by dealing with a wide range of situations. They counsel students having difficulty at school and give interventions when they are needed. Social workers often have conferences with parents as well as teachers to identify the causes of emotional or behavioral problems. They intervene when they think that children are in danger of neglect or even abu...

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...ate University has a degree plan that includes a variety of different courses including psychology, sociology, and social science.
Ever since I was a kid I 've always wanted to be someone that makes a difference or impacts someone’s life. Although social work can be somewhat tedious, there are many personal benefits that can be received from this job. Social work teaches you the true value of things while teaching you things you never knew about yourself. Social work is a diverse career that allows you to work with people of all backgrounds. Social work challenges you in a way that no other career will. Most importantly in social work you get to be the person who changed someone 's life for the better! To know that you helped another person in some small way has to be one of the greatest rewards you can get. As a wise man once said “not all superheroes wear capes!”

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