Essay on Personal Note On Self Esteem

Essay on Personal Note On Self Esteem

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1. I had several early impressions of self. Sometimes I feel like I cannot control my words or actions as if they were out of my control. I believe this happens to everyone. For example, sometimes we do or say something that we regret. My guess is we try to think before we speak, but that is not always the case. For the last several years, I have been trying to understand and take control of what happens, and I failed so I blame myself. That causes me to have low self-esteem. In addition, I feel like I am not playing this correctly. Yet I understand that there is a balance between good and bad. Recently, I discovered that I am a multipotentialite. Before, I could not understand myself. I had an interest in one thing after another. For example, I would try programming a software for my computer. Then I would move on to making a robot before finishing. And it turns into a cycle. I learn something new every day. However, if it is not in my interest, it will fade away in a few days. Moreover, I learned many things about myself thus far.

2. I have several people that were most influential in giving me feedback about myself. One of them is my aunt. She helped me many times in the past. Well, she tried her best to help me. However, since everyone lives with it, I should deal with it. She understands my situation, but she does not understand me because she cannot get inside my head. Nevertheless, she did not give up on me. She told me some of the things she considered her secret and how she overcame it. As a result, I had a different perspective of her understanding. She loves me no matter who I am since my mom and dad does not know English well. The other person is my friends. I know him or a long time. My teacher told me that 99 perc...

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7. Interpersonal communication will help me find that successful and satisfying life because it teaches me about others and myself. I have to understand and learn about love, trust and forgive myself before I can truly communicate these with others. I mean, I know myself. I only perceive myself from the outside, which is not enough. I need to release my inner self to the world so I can move on and be truly happy. Just like Kung Fu Panda. It’s a lot more difficult than it sounds.

8. I will consume a much knowledge as possible to use what is important to me. One is paying attention to my surroundings. Teach myself based on the information I learned. Of course, I may continue to make mistakes, but at least try to prevent them. I will also learn by communicating with my peers. Being a part of the class is important because I need to volunteer and talk with my opinion.

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