Personal Note On Relationship Building Assignments Essay

Personal Note On Relationship Building Assignments Essay

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Prior to the relationship building assignments, I had never written a professional thank you note to a professor or place of business. I had a pen pal throughout middle school and also wrote notes to teachers that I had built a relationship with in high school, but neither were to the same degree of professionalism as I learned to utilize in this course. My notes mainly focused on updates of how I was, how my family was, and maybe a few questions to cap off the note.
Outside of my experience writing note cards, I did know that there was this ‘mysterious art of professional note writing.’ My family owns a roofing business and the operation is pretty old school. My grandfather has a very large architects desk, which he would always keep his business stationaries on. I would doodle on them as a child and he would get mad, this is when he told me that they were for business and were ‘special papers.’
My knowledge of note cards and note writing may have been low, but what was really challenged through the relationship building assignment was my pre-notions of what a relationship can m...

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