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Personal Note On Personal Identity Essay

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Weirob is wright to claim that personal identity cannot consist in the sameness of an immaterial, unobservable soul. (In Perry’s dialogue on personal mortality)

On her death bed Gretchen Weirob is looking for a slightest possibility of her surviving, but she cannot find anything that will prove that she, as Gretchen, will live to see another day. Weirob is not looking for any hope, only one proof that can show that her survival is possible, but can’t seem to be persuaded. I’m going to argue that Gretchen Weirob argument is valid.

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Weirob believes that personal identity is consisting of combination of a person’s thoughts, memories, feelings, and experiences. According to her: “Survival means that tomorrow or sometimes in the future there will be some one who will experience, who will see and touch and smell-or at the very least, think and reason and remember…And I am related to her in such a way that it will be right for her to remember what I have thought and done”.To her “identity is the condition of memory and correct anticipation”. At the beginning of her argument Weirob agrees that an actual physical body does not fall under the concept of a “self”, she acknowledge that her body will die, be buried, and eventually rot in the ground. Along with the Kleenex metaphor, the physical attributes does not defy how a person shall identify his/her self.

The person can look different or can get a facial reconstruction, but his/her family will still know it is that person, from the way he/she talks and acts. A person’s character evolves and eventually becomes unique due to that person’s experience, memories. But the only way these memories can be obtained and stored is within physical substance o...

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... , as Gretchen , will never exist again, no matter how much of a persuading Miller and Cohen can do.

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It will be impossible for the same person to survive in the same form, with the same physical attributes it previously lived and died. It is unclear if the soul or a human essence can carry out beyond human perception, but if it can it will survive without these attributes, or memories, or thoughts, etc. She clarifies with Miller if he means that words “soul, “self”, “mind”, and “consciousness” are come to the same thing, and distinction is irrelevant. But what’s relevant that all these words describe non-physical and non-material aspect of a person. If that non-material soul exists, there is no way to measure for how long it can exist. Therefore, there is a possibility that it can live longer than its body, or outside of the body.

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