Essay on Personal Note On Mental Space And Freedom

Essay on Personal Note On Mental Space And Freedom

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I can understand taking time or needing more incentive before wanting to talk but 3 weeks is a bit much for someone you want to work on having a friendship with don’t you think?

My thoughts have changed since the last time we spoke and I just want to let you know where I’m at with our situation right now…

I don 't want you to think that I don 't want to be your friend because if we can 't be together, we can 't be friends. I just don 't think it 's a good idea. I can 't move on with another guy if your’e still somewhat apart of my life, thinking I 'll have you to myself one day. No you’re not stopping me from dating others but if it become’s physical I know I don’t want another guy touching me the way you do, I would only want you. Love is patient and I feel like I 've been more than that with you, I believe in allowing mental space and freedom. I never rushed anything and I didn 't want anything to happen over night, although I wanted you, I also wanted to assimilate you so I 'd know how to love you the right way. It 's just that nothings progressed with this situation in years so I find it hard to believe now that your feelings will ever change towards me or you’ll ever open up to me. Relationships that are worth it you have to work for and it’s seems as if neither of us want to but we can’t become what we need to be by staying what we are. I’m not sure why either of us waited this long to tell each other how we really felt but I guess its better late than never.

I know you said you debate with yourself about me, well... I do the same... like will he trust me? will he ever forgive me? Does he think this is real or just some game? Does he think I 'm trying to play him and is he trying to play me? Are his intentions with me g...

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...u said you still have a relationship with her so I don 't think she going anywhere out of your life you guys have a lot of mutual things you share.

I know you said nobodies stopping me from living lol and I know that already, nobody stops me from doing anything I want but…
I can 't give my all to anyone else if I 'm still in love with you. I love you way too much to just sit here and pretend like I don’t want to be your only one, it 's too much history and it 's been way too long. This may be a hard thing for me to try to do, but I think it 's best if I say goodbye completely. I know you’re probably like we never see each other that much anyway so what difference would it make… Well you did answer for me sometimes lol and I do come or try to when you call.
Wish we could’ve had a proper goodbye but you didn’t respond the last time I hit you… I wish you only the best!

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