Essay about Personal Note On High School

Essay about Personal Note On High School

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Let me just say that high school was definitely the weirdest time of my life. That’s not saying it was a bad experience. As a matter of fact, I had the most fun here than I ever did at middle school. Then again, I went to a Catholic middle school so it’ll be more fun. However, high school is, for lack of a better word, strange. It is indeed a journey, like every movie/book/story says it is. In order to fully detail my high school career and to explain how it prepared me, I’ll write this chronologically.
So it all starts freshman year. Just looking back and reflecting makes me laugh because of how much has changed. Back then, you could consider me an ideal student. I’d like to describe myself as smart, ambitious, excited, etc. You know, all the good qualities. I had good grades throughout the year (which definitely helped me out this year). I played sports. I made an impression on people that I wanted to succeed. Being a so called “try-hard” also helped me meet new friends. I was loving it all, but, as you know, nothing lasts forever.
On to sophomore year, what even happened? It went by too fast. My grades weren’t as good but I blame the “sophomore slump” for that. It’s a curse. I met new friends and would go out more. I rarely studied but the grades were still solid. For me, sophomore year was the fork in the road. I made many changes, including hanging with less “jock” friends. I was slowly turning into something I never wanted to become: a hipster. Well, that is a bit of an exaggeration. It’s not like Michael J. Fox and Teen Wolf transformation but the changes I made that year made me feel better inside. I was becoming who I am today.
Oh yea, I’m a junior now. This is the big leagues. At least that’s what I thought it’d be l...

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...ther it be construction or even McDonald’s, I need some moolah. My plan is to make enough money to travel around and really think hard on my future. I mean, Ohio is boring (Cedar Point is an exception). The US is a big place. Earth is an even bigger place. Why should I stay here in flat, farmland Ohio all my life?
In conclusion, high school really doesn’t force you to make a career choice (I think that’s college), but it does, at least for me, shape your personality. The times I experienced here won’t be forgotten. Sorry you didn’t get to hear about how I’ll become a doctor or astronaut. If you really want to classify my next step in life, I think you should call it “undecided”. Well, since I’ve ripped off enough movies (oh yea, I’ve gotten obsessed with movies also), I’ll rip off one more. Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get.

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