Personal Note On Happiness Theory Essay

Personal Note On Happiness Theory Essay

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Happiness Theory
Ordinarily, Merriam-Webster characterizes happiness in such a way that lends itself to feeling an unmistakable sense of accomplishment through success; moreover defined as “the state of being happy.” Accordingly, while money helps someone to attain an instant sense of gratification and success, it ultimately loses it’s authority when considering that happiness is often the simple equanimity felt by methods achieved other than through financially based means. The longstanding question, what causes somebody to be contented, often cogitated, still leaves people wondering if it is best to focus mainly on pecuniary success to realize unconditional innermost happiness. While wealth and a successful career are undeniably both fundamental contributing factors, are they actually enough to label someone completely delighted? A group of highly skilled professionals, spanning a widely diverse area of expertise offered studies on the subject of happiness searching for answers to the ostensibly simple question, what types folks as happy and in the aftermath of those studies, the answers slowly begin to expose themselves as there are common characteristic traits evident amongst gratified people. Customarily, society shares a common aspiration, the yearning to be convivial, and through social comparison, integrity, and family relations are fundamental when successfully effecting happiness.

Primarily, money cannot buy someone happiness as that kind of bliss only truly comes from within one 's heart and soul, additionally; one of the foremost referenced obstructions to truly achieve a happy life is an individual’s need for social comparison, which enhances a person’s overall sense of success. Ultimately, people are creatures o...

... middle of paper ... implementing and executing these hypotheses improve the quality of life, it is important to remember that happiness ultimately comes from within. Consider that overall, it’s about social comparison, a personal sense of integrity and family relations. Individuals should avoid comparing themselves to others economically, therefore bypassing the rigidity of social comparison. One should always pursue life as genuinely true to their personal and professional lives as possible to retain their moral sense of integrity. Additionally, familial relations are encouraged increasing the populace’s overall happiness. Nevertheless, everyone articulates a desire to be happy; consequently happiness studies are facilitating individuals whom are learning how to lead a happier, enhanced life rather than to just flaccidly sit by, presuming that happiness will eventually discern them.

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