Essay on Personal Note On Driver 's License

Essay on Personal Note On Driver 's License

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Driver’s License
I didn 't know what cold was. In fact, the closest thing to cold was a few Christmas ago when it was about sixty degrees and we almost die from hypothermia. On 2009 I was living in Rehoboth, Delaware and it was about to get cold. The winter will not only take the heat away, but also jobs and housing for immigrants like me. As the days got shorter and darker I made my plans. I was going to buy a car, move in it, and drive across the country to find a better version of myself. All I needed for my brilliant plan to work was a driver’s license. Getting a driver’s license can be easy and exciting for most people, however for others can be illegal, terrifying and life changing.
On a windy night of September, in a bar, I meet a Vladimir Putin looking guy, with blue eyes and blonde hair. American to me, until opening his pink lips to tell me his name, “Alexander” he said with a heavy accent. If you just guess that he was Russian, you are right. Like in a mafia movie, he talked about his services and sky touching prices. The same night I gave him seven hundred dolla...

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