Essay on Personal Note On Customer Service

Essay on Personal Note On Customer Service

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Customer Service is a process which is given to a customer after or before sales. It plays an important role in organisation’s goodwill and some other factors. So moving on to the experience of a customer service which I found, was quite bad and not worth anything.
I am going to talk about a really bad customer service that I have experienced when I was phoning to customer call centre. Last month, I was browsing for online shopping and wondering if there’s any good options to buy a piece of winter clothing for myself. It didn’t took so long and bought a leather jacket. Quickly ordered and received within two weeks but a wrong thing happened. They have sent a bigger size then I’ve ordered. So I have to call to customer service centre. At first, I wait for too long to speak with a human being, was so complicated to talk with anyone. Probably after 7-8 long minutes, finally my call was transferred to someone and I’ve told them about the problem. After clarifying all the problem, I was looking a solution to this, and the staff member said he have to transfer my call to another senior member and he hung up. It was kind of rude. Because I have repeated everything again to that senior member.
A simple complaint was now become a mess. All the jackets were sold out. So there’s nothing to do with that. I was asking for a solution and he was not giving me any solution to that. The rep holds the line to look up for a solution by their policies. After that, he went long in his policies script. The worst part is when rep replied, you have to go online to fix this problem. What type of solution I am getting by calling customer care. If there is no piece left, what I could do by going onli...

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... buy something.
The size of business doesn’t matters if we are talking about quality customer service. It plays very important role in business’s goodwill and further promotions. If the excellent customer service is served, the goodwill or promotion of company could get done by word of mouth and appreciation given by customers. Business runs by the pocket of customers. Its customer who shows interest and ready to make a purchase from that particular business even there are plethora of business out there in market. There should be customer service skills training given to every staff member to handle the customers in every conditions. If customers are happy with the service, they would recommend it to others and this will lead to further sales and profit. So customers should be treated like boss if business wants to stay and earn profit.

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