Personal Note On Computer And Business Use Essay

Personal Note On Computer And Business Use Essay

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I have compiled a list of the top items to have for either the PC or laptop of the home user. These are not requirements but enable the user to do more or make life a bit easier. These particular items are mainly external use but enhance the pleasure and ease the mind on some issues. 1. External Hard Drive 2. Wireless mouse / combo with keyboard 3. Docking Station for laptops 4. Flash drives 5. Data Cables Universal 6. Card Readers 5 in 1, etc 7. Surround Sound with amplifier 8. Webcam 9. Headset 10. Basic cleaning kit (wipes, compressed air, screen cleaner, Q tips) As you can see I have added some stuff that is not necessary but adds some cool pleasurable effects. I have enlisted some items that will improve communications through the use of the internet. These items are versatile as for entertainment and business use. I will only talk about my list in general without remarks to brand; you can find generic and top brands at your favorite store. External Hard drives are the latest and nicest touch to the maintenance efforts for the home computer. I have one that I backup my data without the "middleman 's interference". The EHD ranges from $80 - $300 depending on what you need from it. I 'm going to upgrade to one that backs up the Operating System as well, this will save me time if I have a crash. EHD 's provide security functions that I believe I cannot acquire elsewhere; I like the personal control over what I place into it. The customize functions is easily learned but the advanced learners can tweak with the features to push the ability of the drive even more. I have just bought myself a wireless mouse the other day and I love the freedom from the cord for my laptop. The basic principle operates ...

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...hose "on/off" signals into usable data. This "on/off" language is known and digital or binary. Usually "1" is used to mean "on" and "0" is used to mean off. Counting in binary is like counting on fingers, except you only have 1 finger on each hand, and many hands. So, to count to 4, you need three hands. You would hold up 1 finger on first hand for 1: 001 then 1 finger on second hand for 2: 010 then 1 finger back on first hand for 3: 011 then 1 finger on last hand for 4: 100 as you can see, you can actually count to 7 with three hands of one finger each. And when you consider that 0 is a number, you can have 8 possible values with your 3 fingers or on/off positions. 5: 101 6: 110 7: 111 8: 1000 Simple as throwing rocks! (Just many many rocks - that are very very small) Now, What was question? How computers work? I dunno - must be magic. -Caveman

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