Personal Note On Bonds And Connections Essay

Personal Note On Bonds And Connections Essay

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I’ve always thought about bonds and connections as special communication between the individuals involved. Bonds and connections provide much needed information about the people involved. Bonds and connections represent the priceless intangibles that come from the heart. Two incredible tools to help document these special intangibles are Ecomaps and Genograms. These tools help one to reflect on one’s life and determine their stress and happiness. For some these tools may help to indicate areas of strength and weakness even the most unconscious ones. For others like myself, it just indicates the obvious.

Examining my ecomap the first objects that caught my attention are my strong relationships. I love my family! My family is everything to me. It’s my greatest priority and they give me the most joy. Family for me are the individuals that I share a special relationship with, regardless of being related through blood. The individuals that provide honesty, love and support. Along with that are my activist that I enjoy doing such at weight lifting at the gym, sightseeing, and vacationing. Unfortunately, with keeping such a busy life I do not get to enjoy these activities as much as I would like. I always try to balance the happiness with stress but my life can be overwhelming at times. In November of 2013 my son was diagnosed with dyslexia. Every year since he was six years old has been difficult for us regarding school work. Every day we spend at least three hours going over homework to ensure it’s done correctly. This is my greatest stress because as a mother I want nothing more than for my child to succeed. The way his brain processes information is slightly different. So verbally he is amazing but when it comes to translating ...

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...ry which at that point it’s too late. I also realized that when a couple is married there bond is more permanent they are more willing to work things out rather than just cohabitating. Although my family is open minded towards cohabitation I believe marriage makes it ten times more serious and the men give that relationship high priority.

In conclusion I realized my family is close knit. Although some family members may live in a different state during their middle life, they always move back home to be close to more family during the stage of old age. I have also realized that my bias to parents that do not put their children first is because of my family. The close ties I share with my mother and son make it unfathomed that someone would put themselves before their children. Now I understand the root of my bias and can continue to work to eliminate this bias.

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