Essay Personal Note On Being Super Friendly

Essay Personal Note On Being Super Friendly

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It just confuses the heck out of me, and my brains gets all stressed with "which do I answer first, what order, this is all too hard, I don 't want to do it. And I 'll swear under my breath at the person who did it to me!

That 's no worries at all, and you 've a million other things to do and deal with on top of being the Admin here and responding to your stories. You can 't be expected to talk to everyone, xD I 'm glad this turned into a chat though, it gives me a different perspective, or understanding, as well. And I do get you there, I tend to have an initial reaction, even one certain word, phrase or perceived tone can make the difference between me being super-friendly, or sarcastic/not-so-friendly in response to someone. It 's not even part of my thought process, but an instinctive/gut reaction, and honesly, that 's one of the very reasons I chose Quixotic (as in unpredictable) as a name, as that can be my nature. So, I 've been known to be blurty as well.

I 've actually read quite a bit of your journal (don 't worry, I read everyone 's, plus all discussion forums, and male and female request threads but, weirdly enough, hardly any actual roleplays - one of my little quirks), and have thought on a few ocassions that, even where our preferences are different, the way our brains work is similar. I 'm the same, and it can so damn frustrating when things make perfect sense to [b]you,[/b] but others don 't seem to get them. A lot of the times my 'rants ' are more to do with that, and that annoyone, than others, though they may not read that way.

It 's just the way he speaks, and I think his ego wants himself to be seen as super-intelligent and perceptive so by saying how you feel and 'getting it right; he 's proving that...

... middle of paper ...

... the same demeanour, and same if someone is super-friendly. It brings that out of me. However, I 'm sure there 'll be sarcasm, and if you 're ever not certain, just ask if that was meant seriously. (Honestly, with me, the vast majority of the time, you can assume sarcasm, and in good-humour or a very bad attempted joke.) What else can you do, especially when your quirks are just part of you. I make fun of my own as well, such as my ridiculous lack of observational skills, and my ability to debate philosophy, but needing to call a plumber to change a tap washer, xD)

I had trouble handling the concept of being two sites at once as well, and BMR is much better/friendlier, and has everything anyone needs, so I 'm sure I 'll just be sticking to here as well.

And, as you know, I stalk your journal so I hope your weekend goes/went, as you wanted it to.

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