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Personal Note On Academic Career Essays

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The ability to be able to write a proper paper has been stressed throughout the majority of my academic career; but until college the constant reminder from high school teachers were not truly realized. My first course at Carleton, Drunks and Teetotalers, confirmed that my previous teachers were not exaggerating in their warnings. I struggled in my first term to consistently write sufficiently for my courses. However, with practice and revisions I began to improve drastically over a few short months. While I would not say that my writing showed exceptional skill throughout most of my freshman year, there was constant advancements. It began with noticeable differences in the time it took for revisions, better flow, and greater variation in word choice. My ability to write had become something I enjoyed enhancing; while there are still improvements to be made, I believe my capability to compose a paper in different areas of scholarship, such as economics, art history, and political science, have greatly expanded since my first days on campus.
Much of my background in writing involved either research papers that were developed around a thesis, or an interpretation of a reading. However, even with this background and practice I had more to improve upon as I had to break old habits I picked up to create more sound arguments for my thesis. This began with the research aspect of my papers. The idea of finding and documenting my sources was not foreign to me, but I started to learn that one source confirming an idea or finding was not enough in some cases, especially if these sources did not come from Carleton’s offered resources. I learned very quickly through my econ and international relations paper, that research did not stop at fi...

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...that I enjoyed the most and was most comfortable with in less than two years. During international finance I was able to analyzing data about Australia’s economy, take my findings, and create a plan for a policy to correct the problems facing the country. Something that would have seemed daunting at the beginning of my Carleton career, but is now something I would look forward to.
Carleton has transformed who I am as a writer in less than six terms. I have improved greatly in that short time, becoming more confident in my writing within various different styles and departments. However, even with these improvements, I am far from amazing. I have much to improve on, even in areas I feel confident and comfortable I have to get better. But with how much I have learned and progressed in my abilities, I believe I will continue to grow over my next two years at Carleton.

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