Personal Narrative: What Real Friendship Is Essay

Personal Narrative: What Real Friendship Is Essay

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When you were still in the kindergarten, friends were the people who romped about with you, played mischievous tricks upon everyone. When you were getting bigger, perhaps at primary school, friends were the people who helped you in your homework, who sung with you at the school choir. Had you forgotten them? Had you betrayed them? Are you a good friend to your friends? A true friend would always tell you the truth, be you best partner when you need him, most of all, support you.

It is not right to act suspiciously in front of your friends. Not long ago, my friends were very busy planning a birthday surprise for me. They stopped talking when I drew near and whispered when I was within earshot. They put their work hastily away when I asked what it was. Their act was so suspicious that my curiosity grew. I tried to expose their scheme. I tried to peep into their drawers when they were away at recess. At the end, everyone lost his patience and interest and my friends blamed me. “It’s all your fault!” Yes, that’s true. I had spoiled their plans, but their motives were suspect with me.

Good friends are the people who forgive your mistakes, who stop you from making mistakes and help you when you do. Friends are the people who help you, who offer support and tell you the truth when you need to hear it. Once, my friend Aggie and I had attended a duet contest. We tried different styles and different songs, but none of those satisfied us. I was upset and wanted to give up, but Aggie encouraged me. Finally, we chose the most suitable piece of music for the competition. We practiced and practiced and practiced. Sometimes we only practiced for an hour, while we usually practiced a whole day, kept repeating the same phrase again, again and...

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...missed her.
Aggie never acknowledged the letter with words, but she did with her behavior. We went from acting like awkward acquaintances to being the friends — and soul mates─,─, that we once were. She began to write me more and more and our conversations went back to the gossipy notes we used to have that made us laugh. She included me in her life and we began a new relationship─,─, a very honest and real relationship. Now it is with laughter and joy. It is hard to believe that after all the years of separation and all that we have been through, how close Aggie and I have become again.
Friends are the people who understand you, who walk beside you, who make a difference in your life. They stick with you and stand by you. They hold your hand and watch you live. You learn from them and rely on them. Your life is not the same without them.

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