Personal Narrative : Traveling Volleyball Team Essay

Personal Narrative : Traveling Volleyball Team Essay

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Traveling Volleyball Team:
The advantages of this project is that I have some understanding of the sport, because my sister is the coach. Also, with her being the coach it would allow me access to practices, interviews with the girls, and also learning about something new about my sister seeing her coach rather than play. It would allow me to research the difference on being on a school team verses being on a traveling team.
The disadvantages of this project would have to be the traveling aspect. This project would cause me to drive to different locations and socialize with a whole bunch of young ladies asking me off the wall questions.
The reason I am interested in this topic, because I wonder when kids are just kids. My sister and I played sports from middle school all the way into college, but we always had time to be a kid. Nowadays, kids are playing one sport practically all year long, as though it is their career. I think learning how these young ladies perceive playing the sport, they just finished rather than doing something else.
The assumptions and bias that I have about this project is that I am from a different generation than the young ladies I will be working with throughout this project. I have been around sports all my life and love that I have been able to watch and have been apart sports, but I had different aspects within my life other than sports. I think that is how sports are now and I wonder why or how we got to this stage in life when sports are careers for kids. I do not think though I am older it will affect my feelings towards this project, because it is the main component of this project, is to learn the how’s and whys of something new.
The people that I could interview are the coach, players, and ...

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...t would not want to ask them. I really would not find it favorable talking about certain subjects and also socializing with new people.
The reason I am interested in doing this project is because I use to volunteer at animal shelter and I know I always felt horrible for the animals and seeing them just drop off as if they were nothing. I just think it is so hard knowing that some of the animals will not make it and that you will not see them again, really makes me upset. I am interesting and knowing how others feel about the subject.
The knowledge and bias that I have for this project is disagree with most of the service and I have dealt with the subculture before.
The interviewees would be the employees of the humane society, I think they would speak to me, but I think some would have some issues with it and I would find it difficult speaking to me about things.

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