Essay on Personal Narrative : The Life And Words Of A ! Kung Woman

Essay on Personal Narrative : The Life And Words Of A ! Kung Woman

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Nisa: The life and Words of a !Kung Woman was written by an incredible anthropologist, Marjorie Shostak. While doing research and anthropological field-work in the Dobe regions of Africa, she studies women, Nisa, above all, who grabs her attention from the !Kung tribe. Marjorie Shostak does research and studies their culture, language, rituals, practices, and different aspects that make this specific culture so interesting to read about. The author narrates her interviews, observations, and analyses of the !Kung tribe from her field-work. Sexuality and the controls on sexual behavior are important aspects that Shostak describes as Nisa, a phenomenal woman in her culture experiences.
One night, a couple from the village learned how to have sex. The man and woman laid there trying to figure out what was the correct way. First, the man got up and tried to have sex with the woman’s mouth. Then, he tried the woman’s eyes, ears, nose, and soon after realized that’s not how you have sex. The woman says, look in-between my legs I have a vagina so why don’t we try that. The mouth is used for eating, the eyes for seeing, the nose for breathing, and yet my vagina is not being used for anything else. That’s when the man took his penis and inserted it into her vagina, to have sex.
As children grow up from the !Kung tribe they start to realize what their parents are doing under the covers. In the village they all live in huts so the parents wait until the children are asleep before they make love. Although, when the children are young they don’t understand what their parents are doing therefore; the parents go about having sex in front of them. However, as the kids get older their curiosity keeps them up at night. They pretend like they are a...

... middle of paper ... up in the !Kung tribe, children learn about sexual behavior from one another. They play sexually, rubbing, poking each-others genitals until one day they are old enough to understand how to have sex. In their culture they don’t see premarital sex as a bad thing, but rather as a growing nature of human sexuality. Some girls married before they even had sex, but it wasn’t as common. Nisa had different experiences growing up than other girls had in her village, but she definitely did watch and learn the same things others experienced earlier. She is an incredible woman; who demonstrates the values, norms, and experiences of what women in her culture can go through. Sexuality and the controls of sexual behavior are just a part of growing up. As each child reaches their maturity, their curiosity, as well as understanding; they explore their sexuality with one another.

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