Personal Narrative : The Happiest Day Essay

Personal Narrative : The Happiest Day Essay

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When I was a child, I began to write the sentences from the pictures. Maybe, I was lack of imagination at that time, so I couldn’t make out a few words even when I tried my best. Later, I wrote the narration that was boring. I always did not know what to write. I still remember, one night I was struggling with writing. The writing topic was “the happiest day”. I was happy when I got an “A” on math test, made new friends and so on. I had all the happiest things but I just didn’t know how to write it down. So mom told me something, she said: “life is like an empty box and you should read books to make it full.” So for writing, I have the following ways I write best: first, making friends with books because books are the knowledge of the ocean. In the process of reading, I made excerpt and remembered the beautiful words in the excerpt, thus my extra-curricular knowledge would be richer. It developed my appealing and appreciation for language.

In my junior high school, my writing skill made me fall in love with debate. I still wrote narration, however, I preferred the argumentative essay. Argumentative essay often has clear opinions and I can state the reasons why agree with one holding and why I do not agree with other holdings. I still remember my Chinese teacher asked me to debate with other students 3 days later. Well, I am a outgoing girl so I always talk to others so that I have persuasiveness. I was so nervous to prepare the materials. My Chinese teacher saw me and gave me advices. “It’s okay, ziyun. ” she said. “Do you know why I choose you to do the debate? First of all, you have outgoing personality. Also, I saw your argumentative essay and I ‘m pretty sure that your mind is clear and you can do this! It’s just lik...

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...ountry. So I tried my best to answer their questions and promised them that I would write more essays to introduce my country. After that, I made friends with Americans and communicate with them so that my spoken English is better.
With the developing of my interest in writing, I began to read English books and improve my writing skills and level. The most favorite author for me is Shakespeare and his works Romeo and Juliet. When I saw two young people loved each other but separated by their families, I was touched so much. Then I wrote a book review on it and found it was quite easy for me to write about my thoughts after I was touched. Therefore, it was this novel that made me know if I want to write a good review on articles, I should have deepest feeling by the article. In a similar way, if I want to write a good paper, I should understand the materials in-depth.

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