Personal Narrative : My Sun Shine State Essay

Personal Narrative : My Sun Shine State Essay

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My Sun Shine State
I will never forget the Thursday I sprinted home excited about the big announcement that my parents mentioned revealing as soon as my brother and I came home from school. It was also the last week of school which I wasn’t too excited about being that it would my last year at Brooks Quinn Jones Elementary. As we sit at the table I glanced over at my brother who’s excitement level was clearly seventy five percent less than mine, but that didn’t keep me from feeling as if my insides were repeatedly doing flips. My parents then announced that we would be taking a road trip the Saturday after school to Florida also referred to as the sunshine state. They went on to tell us that we will find out what we were doing when we got there as the destination was to be left a surprise. I jumped out of my chair in excitement unsure of what exactly we would be doing in Florida but it all sounded great. I didn 't realize it then, but this day and the days to come would go on to be stored in my subconscious mind as a precious memory.
The following friday was the last day of school which consisted of signing everyone’s yearbook, last day of school parties, lots of fun, and mixed emotions. Knowing I would miss all of my friends from the fifth grade and the new school talk my stomach filled with butterflies thinking of the year to come. Not to mention the fact that we will be progressing to middle school which means we will no longer be the big kids at Brooks Quinn Jones Elementary, but we will be the babies at a completely different place. These were some of the things that bothered me throughout the day, but the vacation in the back of my mind kept me from being the girl having an emotional wreck on the last day of elementary sch...

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...breakfast, and headed headed home. My brother and I probably talked my parents ears off as we recapped everything from the past few days the entire way home when we were not asleep. On the way home I woke up to my brother explaining everything he enjoyed about the parade, and all I could do was think about just how happy and grateful I was. Not only was I happy and grateful for the outstanding vacation, but also happy for my smiling family. My goofy brother, the road trip, the laughs, the talks, and the time my family and I spent together on this vacation was what I valued the most. This was an awesome feeling it was as if I were literally in my own sunshine state of mind. I really enjoyed Florida, “The Sunshine State,” and though we had to leave, my subconscious and conscious will always hang on to the sunshine state of mind and feelings that I had on this vacation.

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