Personal Narrative: My Secret Place Essay

Personal Narrative: My Secret Place Essay

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Once upon a time, I saw the world like I thought everyone should see it, the way I thought the world should be. I saw a place where there were endless trials, where you could try again and again, to do the things that you really meant to do. But it was Jeffy that changed all of that for me. If you break a pencil in half, no matter how much tape you try to put on it, it'll never be the same pencil again. Second chances were always second chances. No matter what you did the next time, the first time would always be there, and you could never erase that. There were so many pencils that I never meant to break, so many things I wish I had never said, wish I had never done. Most of them were small, little things, things that you could try to glue back together, and that would be good enough. Some of them were different though, when you broke the pencil, the lead inside it fell out, and broke too, so that no matter which way you tried to arrange it, they would never fit together and become whole again. Jeff would have thought so too. For he was the one that made me see what the world really was. He made the world into a fairy tale, but only where your happy endings were what you had to make, what you had to become to write the words, happily ever after. But ever since I was three, I remember wishing I knew what the real story was.
I look up at the tall, pretty tree. I toddle my way past the kitchen sink, past the table, and all the way across the room to the big, black piano. The piano was so pretty and shiny. One day, I told myself, when I was bigger, I will learn how to play music on the big piano. I climb up on top of the piano bench, on top of the keys, and onto the very top of the piano, and sit down so that my legs were swinging ...

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...g that smile. Is he going to leave now? I stop kicking the floor and sit up, watching him. But instead of walking over to the door, he stands up and walks towards the piano. I stand up and follow him anxiously, almost certain he knew my secret.
Without saying a word, but still smiling, my brother stands facing the piano, where he is tall enough to see over it, and see what is behind the piano.
"Oh lookee!" he exclaims, pretending to be surprised, "look what I found behind the piano! Looks like there's enough space for you and I to fit in there together!"
My brother again, gives me this fake smile that was to show that he never knew about the little room. I am very angry now, but I do not know what to do. I didn't want him to know that I knew that there was a little room behind the piano. I watch as he shoves the piano into the wall, my dream playhouse destroyed.

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