Personal Narrative: My Religion Teacher Essay

Personal Narrative: My Religion Teacher Essay

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With Bibles in the desks and a smile on his face, Mr. Murphy was ready to

teach. He taught us about our faith and God. He made it sounds like no other

teacher has before. I was very excited for day two. Ever since then, Mr. Murphy

has inspired me and helped me grow intellectually.

Mr. Murphy is the religion teacher for juniors and seniors at St. Thomas

Aquinas High School. My first year with him was like a time to grasp our thoughts

on our personal faith and beliefs. He was introducing us to a whole new way of

learning. He told us a story about how he lost a relative in the tragedy of New

York City's World Trade Center. I, personally, could relate to his story. His

cousin was a fire fighter and was saving lives when he lost his own. Mr. Murphy

got very emotional and started to cry. Anyone could tell he was still not fully

recovered from his loss. This can be a very good quality in a teacher. It can

show emotions when needed to get the students to understand. Every student

was listening intently and learned that it is okay to cry and griev...

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