Personal Narrative : My Passion For Theater Essay example

Personal Narrative : My Passion For Theater Essay example

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Along with finding my passion for theater, I also found one of my favorite teachers during my time in Junior High. His name was Mr. Rodrigue, and he was my homeroom and science teacher for both seventh and eighth grade. He was one of the first teachers that was every real with me. He was a very open and honest teacher who treated his students like adults. Mr. Rodrigue had this wit and sense of humor that made him more personable than any of my other teachers. I loved how he gave everyone in our homeroom nicknames, for instance, mine was “Higgy-Baby”. To this day I do not know how he came up with a name like that, but I know that while I was in his classroom, I was never called just Alyssa. While I learned many new and interesting things in his science class, I remember more of the life lessons that he taught during homeroom. He was one of the teachers that was there for me when life got rough, he looked out for me during and outside of class. For me, knowing that I had him keeping an eye out for me made me feel safer going to school again.
Whenever I think of my years in Junior High I always remember the surprise birthday party that my homeroom threw for him the end of our eighth grade year. We went all out; streamers, balloons, cupcakes, a sign, the works. I remember the look on his face when he walked into the room, having no idea what was happening, and then when he realized what we had done he just had the biggest smile on his face while he laughed. I had a cupcake sitting on his desk with an unlit candle in it, thinking that we would sing without the candle being lit since we were in a school, but Mr. Rodrigue had another idea. He went to his cabinets, took out a blow torch and lit the candle. I remember thinking how crazy I...

... middle of paper ... on the path that took me to where I am today. A path that was filled with troubles and triumph, put downs and perseverance, and most importantly the ideal to never give up. In my twelve years in school I have had a lot thrown at me, from managing diabetes, bullying, stressful nights, my mother dying, and so many smaller battles along the way, but one thing remains- I am still here. I am still fighting towards my goal of becoming a teacher. I think that the reason that I want to become a teacher stems from the teachers that I had in my years in school. All of them have wonderful reviews from me, kind, thoughtful, compassionate, smart, and most importantly, willing to put the needs of their students first in order to better them as people. I would never change my experiences that I had in school, they helped to shape who I am today, and that is one amazing thought.

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