Essay on Personal Narrative : My Passion For Reading

Essay on Personal Narrative : My Passion For Reading

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Growing up, there was only one bathroom in my house and I was always in it. Not for the reasons you may be thinking. Every time one of my parents went looking for me, I was in the bathroom, sitting on the floor, reading the latest novel I had acquired. Looking back, I question this choice. Of all of the beds, chairs, and couches in my house, why would I choose the bathroom? Well, it was quiet, secluded and the only room in the house that was not too hot or too cold. The bathroom was my baby bear porridge, it was just right. I spent many hours in that bathroom, engaged in reading marathons until I was eventually kicked out of the room. Books, no matter where I read them, have shaped who I was as a child and who I am as an adult.
My passion for reading started before I was born. My mother was an avid reader and had a book in her hand right up until my birth. Most of the books she read were of the mystery genre by authors like Dean Koontz and Patricia Cornwell. I do believe that having books of this nature read to me during my stages of fetal development, created a foundation that sprouted my love for books. Even after I was born, my mother would always read to me, taking advantage of every opportunity she had. Don 't worry, she put down the Stephen King and picked up some more age appropriate books. I also remember all of these workbooks that she used to buy, not just for reading, but to teach me math, science and basic learning skills. We did a lot of word search puzzles together that were teaching me how to read without me realizing it. Reading became a lot easier for me because of all the effort my mother put into teaching me. As a child and maybe more so as an adult, the more naturally it is to read a piece of literature, th...

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...n moving forward with ones I haven 't read yet. I think reading books that I already know that I enjoy will help me read more. These include The Maximum Ride series by James Paterson, The Sookie Stackhouse Series by Charlaine Harris and the Black Dagger Brotherhood Series by J.R. Ward. I 'm excited to go on this reading journey and set new goals for myself.
Reading has been a part of my life before I even had one. My mother pushed reading and learning on me as a child that has shaped me into the person I am today. I have very supportive parents that hadn 't judged me for reading on the bathroom floor as many other parents might have. I will strive to do the same when I have children. To teach them as much as I know and support their weird reading habits. First, I have to get back in the reading game myself and I think I have presented myself with a good start.

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