Essay Personal Narrative : My Mother And I Took A 2 Week Trip

Essay Personal Narrative : My Mother And I Took A 2 Week Trip

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In the summer of 2005, my mother and I took a 2-week trip to Mexico to visit my grandparents. I was about 8 years old. My grandparents own a big ranch located in the middle of an enormous hill. We crossed many dwindling, bumpy, and steep roads to get to the medium-sized mud house they live in. This area in the middle of Mexico wasn’t a very modernized area. There were no new cars, no computers, no satellite television, and nothing entertaining. I wasn’t too excited about sleeping in a mud house with almost no TV reception. But, their mud house did have an amazing view. Every morning on that trip, I woke up, sprinted to the edge of the dirt road, and looked at an incredible view. I could see an infinite number of hills and cliffs peeking out of the fog. On these hills and cliffs were trees, many kinds, big trees, small trees, wide trees, thin trees, and birds nesting their eggs on top of these trees. If I squinted hard enough, I could see a far-away town buried between the trees. This view and the fact that they had a huge ranch to play hide-and-seek in made up for the no TV reception.
Behind my grandparents home, there was a steep hill leading up to my uncle’s home. Every morning, after eating breakfast, I would climb up this hill to get to my uncle’s house. It was a challenge to climb it. The hill was filled with monstrous prickly-bodied cacti. These cacti were three times bigger and wider than me. I remember seeing these cacti as malicious giants trying to catch me. I would sprint up this hill, making my way around every giant cacti, making sure none would actually “catch” me because everywhere I turned there was a giant struggling to grab at me. Eventually, when I made my way up to the top, it was a huge success to look down a...

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...was. I was absolutely embarrassed. By the time I got out of the shower, everybody who lived on the ranch knew about my struggle against death. They all thought it was hilarious that I had overreacted while sitting in a puddle of mud. As I had guessed, the rest of this vacation was a struggle. I ended up with ruined clothes and a story nobody forgot. My grandfather, being 93 years old, still remembers to this day and tells this story to anybody who comes his way, even 10 years after the incident. I became famous on the ranch since the story seemed to be told everywhere I went. At every family gathering the story was told, but the people telling the story will never understand the struggle I went through. I became known as the girl who thought mud was a monster. That trip was the last trip I took to Mexico. My imagination took me to a place nobody could understand.

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