Personal Narrative : My Favorite Season Essay

Personal Narrative : My Favorite Season Essay

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The aroma of schnitzel, cigarettes and exhaust filled the air; the road from my home lead to downtown. a path walked hundreds, if not thousands of times by my family. The lights lining Wilhelmstrasse at night, large Weinachtsmarkts in the winter and the Rhein Main Grille are the most vivid memories of my time spent out of the United States. Fall was my favorite season; the leaves falling and scattering across the park is a memory that makes my home memorable. Growing up as an American in a foreign country had a significant impact on my life. I can proudly say my home was a culturally rich and bustling town where I developed my values through my family, German culture, and the military, and realized I took my experiences for granted.
I lived with my mother, father, and brother in Germany between 2001 and 2015. We’ve shared many great memories of weekend getaways and best of all: laughter shared in the kitchen and living room. I come from a military family who had been lucky to live in one place for so long. I learned to speak English first by my parents, but learned German words soon after beginning to speak. My parents and brother had spent time in Germany years before I had been birthed. I learned the words to the Pledge of Allegiance and the National Anthem out of the womb. “The first song other than the National Anthem you learned all the words to was a pretty hilarious and inappropriate cadence call” (Zarina, 2015). My family made friends at our favorite restaurant, the Rhein-Main Grille, and friends at the convenience store on post. I learned tolerance at a young age regarding religion, race, and social standing. I learned religious tolerance where there had been an influx of Muslims in my city, Wiesbaden. I learned to tre...

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...ow much it has impacted my life.
Many things, such as family, the military, and living overseas, have shaped me into the person I am today. I took many things for granted, and have just began appreciating how much my family and my chance to live overseas have impacted the way I’ve decided to live today. My experiences in a foreign country as a military child have been two factors deciding my college major: International business. My family’s influence and our worldview has been the driving force of my passion for helping others and creating an environment for everyone on earth that is peaceful and sustainable. Our family bond is strong, our experiences in Germany being something often laughed about over the dinner table; the warmth of home, the place I was raised, and the people I had been raised with are the driving force in the great things I’d love to accomplish.

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