Personal Narrative : My Father 's Brain Hemorrhage Essay

Personal Narrative : My Father 's Brain Hemorrhage Essay

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August 8 is the date that marked my transition to adulthood. This day shifted my entire life in a direction I never could have imagined. My entire high school plans were destroyed and my lifestyle needed to be completely readjusted.

I woke on August 8, 2012 to the sound of my mother crying on the phone repeatedly asking, in her broken English, "is he going to be okay?" and not being given an answer. My father was in the hospital after feeling sick at Menards. When my mother and I took a taxi to see him we found out this wasn 't just a flu or a bloody nose; we found out he had a stroke.

I will never forget the heartaching moment when my father was life flighted to U-M. My neighbors drove my family and I one hour to Ann Arbor where I found out my father 's brain hemorrhage was very critical and caused by him neglecting to take his blood pressure medicine. He was scheduled to have brain surgery in ten days. I spent several nights alone with my two autistic sisters in Jackson not knowing if I would ever see my father again. I assumed many new responsibilities. I was in charge of baby...

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