Personal Narrative : My Father And I Essay

Personal Narrative : My Father And I Essay

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My father and I
Many people, for the most part, believe that the easiest stage in life is that of a child’s. Parents are usually the ones who stress themselves over the basic fundamentals a child needs in order for it to grow into a healthy, well-rounded adult. In many ways I acknowledge those statements to some degree, I believe both parties are deeply affected since the beginning of life is a gamble in its own. A child does not get to pick who its parents will be and much less the environment to which it may later be exposed to whether it is good or bad. By God or by nature, depending on what a person believes, are all gifted with a set of parents. Parent’s whom you love and at times despise with your entire soul because you’re still too immature to understand that 18 is just a number and not a passport to freedom. In this essay I will briefly converse about my father and our rocky relationship, excluding my mother by reason being that I could not relate to her in the pieces we have read thus far. The poems which I found juxtaposed my father and I the most were “A prayer for daughter” and “My father is a simple man.” Here, my focus is to compare on how my father and I view each other like that of the poems and contrast on the relationship we have to theirs.
The views my father has or had about women in general were that they were all fragile, sentimental, and nurturing creatures who acted sweet and cheerful to those around her. My father quickly found out that I for one, was not fragile, nor was I going to put on a show for any of his guests. In “A prayer for my daughter” the father prays for the beauty and courtship of his newborn, I feel as though my father had a similar prayer of his own- minus the marriage- seeing that he...

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... father was always there in the physical sense but was retired from the emotional.
To finalize, my parents are family by choice I on the other hand became a family by birth, in life one is presented with to two choices, either leave or stay and make the best out of what you might have received. Reading literature can open your mind and learn about a stranger’s intimate thoughts over any matter, then relate it to yours and then feel as though you are not the only person in the universe that has a dysfunctional relationship. In both of these poems I was able to juxtapose the good and the bad from the literary relationship and my own. Often times, children feel conflicted toward their parents over disagreement because they feel that they’re a burden for their parents or vice versa. What they don’t seem to realize that those kinds of situations make up the best stories.

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