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Personal Narrative: Lily My Love Essays

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Later, when I sat with my mother over the evening tea, she raised this issue again. She said happily, “Her elder sister is going to marry next month. He had come to give an invite to us. He had got our address from your father’s office.”

We felt quite pleased to hear it. How his parents would be happy and relieved now, I thought. My mother said, “ The boy is a school teacher. He has a job. What one needs for a daughter, a boy who can earn a good living to sustain his family well.”

I did not comment. I knew at the heart of this discussion, there was her pang of uncertainty for her own daughter was hidden. She was quiet thoughtful about my marriage. My second sister, Sheeba was just two years younger than me and she would also be ready for marriage soon. And it would put them in extra burden. They wanted to get free with my problem as soon as possible so they could think of others.

I left the room after finishing my tea. I did not want to lengthen that saddest talk of marriage. I was also a bit irritated to think that how a girl becomes a burden when she reaches to her twenties. Why boys don’t face such problems? They can marry even passing their middle ages.

I took a book to read. I had to prepare the term papers assignment. And I was just delaying it with this reason to that reason. But, I had to be serious if I wanted to do good in the examination, I said to myself.

But, my mind again left me in lurch and I left the book to make busy in some other works. My youngest sister, Rubi came to seek some help. She wanted to know about a Urdu poet whose poem was in her school's syllabus. She was in class seven.

I read those beautiful lines and tried to convey her the best meaning which I could extract from it. However, i...

... middle of paper ... her since we had left that place.
I went to the kitchen to help my younger sister, Sheeba who was preparing the breakfast for the guest. But, we did not talk much and kept to our work most of the time.
When he took his breakfast and drank his tea, he left soon after. When he went, my father as usual said to my mother, “How could he come to know about our address? Who had given him this?”
My mother did not say anything.
My father also abandoned the issue and left the place for the market to bring some vegetables and other things for the house. And I sat with Sheeba to talk over the issue.
His coming, had, no doubt, put me in a strange situation. Now, I could realize that how an intense love towards any might change the life of a person forever. I could now understand his feelings and his state of mind. And I felt a kind of deep sympathy for him first time.

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