Personal Narrative Inn 's Platinum Hospitality Award Winning Ocean 's Edge Location

Personal Narrative Inn 's Platinum Hospitality Award Winning Ocean 's Edge Location

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Among a long stretch of hotels bundled along the Atlantic Ocean coast of Belfast, Maine sits a beautiful 78-room hotel on a hill. My first steps on the property were greeted by a spectacular span of the ocean with quiet hills to the left and a gentle sunrise to the right. Fireside Inn’s Platinum Hospitality Award-winning Ocean’s Edge location certainly has a breathtaking view. “The picture-ready view is absolutely priceless,” says Barry Asalone, the general manager and long-time member of the hotel industry. Accordingly, people will pay $20 extra to book a room on the 2nd or 3rd floor just to have a slightly better vantage point. Similarly, Barry’s office has a gorgeous view that’s hard to find anywhere else. *(Transition,?) The Fireside Inn isn’t the type of hotel that Barry is used to, which says a lot considering Maine was his 25th relocation.*With Maine as its backdrop, the Fireside Inn offers something of an unfamiliarity to Barry, even with 24 previous cities to his credit.* In fact, it’s the smallest he’s ever managed in his nearly 35-year career. Frequently, it is said that if you’re willing to travel, you can go as far as you’d like in this industry, and Barry certainly has been willing. Initially, it all started for him by clerking at a Marriott hotel in New Jersey.
Barry, like most young, dubious students, was unsure of what career path he wanted to pursue in college. He found a passion for law and sought a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. Ultimately, Barry went as far as getting his law degree but decided that he didn’t want to be a lawyer for his whole professional career. As a result of his indecisiveness, he applied to be a clerk at a Marriott in his home state of New Jersey and was offered his first venture ...

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...hmina (a women’s scarf) and thought it looked exactly like those $100 bed scarves. He was shocked to uncover a price tag of $4.50, which further showcases an impactful advantage of being an independent hotel.
One of the most apparent benefits to running a small hotel is, among many other things, the true team atmosphere. The size of the Fireside Inn allows Barry to regularly check in with every department, making sure that everything’s running smoothly and helping out when things get hectic. Although he gladly assists every department, Barry’s favorite part of the hotel to work in is the front desk. During peak check-in times, he’s always at the desk, and actually just prior to my arrival, he was covering an early check-out shift for an ill employee. He enjoys greeting every customer he can, which was evident by his ‘hellos’ at every guest we passed in the hallways.

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