Essay on Personal Narrative: I'm Free

Essay on Personal Narrative: I'm Free

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I have far since gave up dreaming about a life as a free being, I have my place in the world, i have my niche and I have a home. Although the life of a slave is hard I will serve my masters until my last breath. I have grown accustomed to this sort of thinking in my 18 years of living. Life is precious they always preached in the textbooks at the learning centers but they were not talking about yours they were talking about the life of the masters. The Zodiacs, the holiest of beings, the beings that transcended humanism and so on they went about.

I felt a chill run up my spine as I thought about the life of a Zodiac, they sit in their shrines scattered across the provinces hidden in serene solidarity and mystery. What are their purpose? I often wonder. Usually as I'm being whipped, when every whip hits my cold body, my swollen skin cannot hold under the constant barrage of strikes and I feel the warmth of my blood soothe my frigidness. The thought came as if to help me escape my current being even if for a brief moment before another bludgeon.

I tried to wonder what I did wrong but I was always met with the same thought Kindess for the masters, Humility for the Zodiacs and Sympathy for the Punishers.
That was the first thing I learned. mother and father came after I had memorized that creed, so much that I could say it in my sleep if I could get any or speak. Why should I wonder what I did wrong I am but a lowley retainer who will work from my birth till my death. I vowed to love my masters, to love my zodiacs and to love my punishers.

I often find myself wishing today is the day I should die. between the 2-3 hours of sleep I get every night, the hard labor and the hitting I find myself hoping that maybe the retributiona...

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..., and then another and the two more until my face was monopolized by my tears. She is free I repeated in my mind even as I was coerced back to work by two rods hitting my arm I continued to cry.

I did not cry only for the girl who I had became fond of for the brief time she were here but also because of the fact that we are living such a miserable existance. my cursing was all for naught because nothing changed or will ever change.

Although I'm sad she departed this world, the girl who became the object of my hope, my light, I found myself thankful that she was set free and do not have to live even an hour more of such a hard life. But I still find myself regretting the fact that I never got to know her name. At least she is free I reassured myself. At least she's free. At least she is free. At least she's free. When am I gonna get my freedom I thought grimly.

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