Personal Narrative - Growing Up in a Bakery Community

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Have you ever been woken up by the smell of cookies? Imagine how wonderful it is when you are wished “good morning” by the smell of the warmness and happiness coming from the fresh baked cookies inside the oven. For me, it was one of the most meaningful thing that I had ever experienced: I was born in a family which hold a bakery business at home. The bakery is called “Sun Flower” and is fifteen years older than me. To me, it is very interesting to share with other people that I grew up in the bakery community which trained me how to bake, taught me about the value of work and working spirit as well as brought my family closer together. Being a member of the family and a part of the bakery, I learned a lot, especially about baking skills. My baking skills are not as good as Cake Boss, but they are enough for me to make something by myself and share with friends. Back then, when I was just a little girl with two braids, I could not really help with anything besides assisting my mom or my aunt during baking time or singing and telling jokes to help reduce the stress of the working environment. Even though I did not do anything much, I still had an opportunity to learn a great deal of secret skills and steps to produce baked goods that satisfied even the strictest customer. My skills were improved as time passed by. I started helping measure the ingredients; the job may sound easy, but it indeed important and crucial to the procedure of baking goods. It is more than putting this and that ingredient on the scale, the measurements must be extremely accurate otherwise the product would become unqualified. I still remember the first time I measured the ingredients. I tried to make every measurement perfect; but after an hour of measurin... ... middle of paper ... ...mmunity really turned me into the person that I am today – responsible, hard-working and always stay positive. Those days when I lived and worked at Sun Flower bakery community, I learned how to bake and understood the value and the spirit of working. My family members also became closer to each other while we gathered and worked together in the kitchen. I was thankful for being born and growing up as a part of the bakery community. It gave me the passion for baking and the opportunity to know how the value of work tasted when the customers enjoy the cookies I made. What matters to me is not whether or not our Sun Bakery would on business forever; it truly matters to me now is that the spirit of the community will never fade away, it will be passed to our next generations as well as to the outside communities – the customers that support us and savor our sweetness.

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