Essay on Personal Narrative : ' Brother '

Essay on Personal Narrative : ' Brother '

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I remember the morning being nice and warm, the sun was shining bright as usual, in a distance I can hear some birds chirping. Yesenia or as I like to call her “Lalo” came to the house and told me, “My tio Junior had an accident at work and he’s in the hospital.” I asked her “What was going to happen, and if we were going to go see him?” she said “When my mom gets home we’ll ask her.” My sister-in-law Edelia thought it was best if she called my brother Jose to inform him of the situation. It was a hassle to get in contact with him because, the department where he works in didn’t open until 10 am. When she got a hold of Jose, she told him that my brother Junior had an accident at work and he was hospitalized, and she thought it was best if he came home as soon as possible. I called my sister Maria, she told me not to tell Mom or Dad over the phone what was going on. If only she had told me a lot sooner, or would’ve thought of that on my own but, I didn’t. I told her I had already informed Dad that Junior got injured at work. Maria got mad at me for telling our dad but, in my opinion I thought I did the right thing.

Waiting for everyone to get home felt like centuries, at least in that moment it did. It felt like I was calling everyone every minute, just to find out how close they were from getting home. I wanted to know what had happened to Junior, and how he was doing. I can hear Jose pulling up to the house in his truck, as he’s getting out of it he asks “How’s Junior?” I told him, I don’t exactly know what’s going on with him, all I know is that he’s hurt and hospitalized. He then asked, “Where’s everyone why aren’t we leaving to go see him?” I told him “We’re waiting for Mom, Dad, Maria, and Rosa to get home so we ca...

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... of the Valley in Caldwell, ID. After the ceremony there was a line of cars waiting to go to Canyon Hill Cemetery. Family and friends accompanied us on this very hard, sad, emotional, and depressing day. All the other people who weren’t part of the ceremony had to stop and wait as we passed by. At that moment I knew it was something my brother would have liked and laughed about.

July 9, 2015, was one of the saddest and most heartbreaking days of my life. I lost a Brother, with whom I’d always goof around with, we shared many laughs and have so many memories together, and I’ll cherish them forever. That day didn’t just affect me, but many who had the blessing to meet my beloved brother Junior. He’ll always be a part of me, and his memory will live on forever. I can’t say this to his face, but I know he’s hearing. “I love and miss you a lot, and I’ll see you again!”

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