Personal Narrative : Anxiety Personified : Americans Spend Twenty Years Of Their Lives

Personal Narrative : Anxiety Personified : Americans Spend Twenty Years Of Their Lives

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AP: Anxiety Personified
Americans spend thirteen years of their lives in public school, and throughout those thirteen years, children are exposed to a variety of different ideas and subjects. Some gravitate towards the realm of the humanities, that is inhabited by history and language arts, while others choose world of math and science. I, personally, chose the latter. Science is a subject that builds upon itself the more you are exposed to it and it has captivated me for some time. After learning the basics in elementary school and moving up through middle school and into high school, science was my favorite subject. It came easily to me, I barely had to try to achieve good grades. My passion for science had been unwavering, until one scheduling decision caused me to question everything I had previously felt about the subject. I decided to challenge myself and take Advanced Placement (AP) chemistry my junior year. I figured the class would be more of the same. I would not have to work too hard and it would all come naturally, but I would soon be mistaken. AP chemistry was the first time my love for science faltered but it also gave me the tools to appreciate science more than I ever had before.
Walking into chemistry on the first day, I was ready for science to be easy once again. The classroom was slightly bigger than others, with the front half having three rows of desks facing the whiteboard and the back half having several lab stations and equipment. My teacher was average height, with shoulder length brown hair and glasses. She quickly put the class in alphabetical order and introduced us to the course. I did not seem too difficult on the offset, but within the first few days the class dwindled from twenty-...

... middle of paper ... of Katy Perry, Evanescence and Vivaldi, while we worked. By the end of the day the six hours felt very short. Successfully completing the activity made me fall in love with science all over again and this time I knew to put in the hard work I needed to to give science the respect it deserves.
My time in AP chemistry came to a close later that year. I finished strongly, brought my average up to a ninety-four, and scored a four on the AP exam. My time in chemistry gave me the necessary tools to be successful later in my science career and also gave me a newfound appreciation for science. When science came easily to me, I took it for granted. It was not until I had to work for science that I truly could appreciate it for all that it is. Today, science is still one of my favorite subjects and I have AP chemistry to thank for opening up my eyes to the truth.

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