Personal Narrative : A Versatile Fitness Exercise Aerobic Exercises, It 's Time You Learn Exercising Using Bosu

Personal Narrative : A Versatile Fitness Exercise Aerobic Exercises, It 's Time You Learn Exercising Using Bosu

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If your goal is to burn more calories through exercises, it’s time you learn exercising using BOSU. I always advise my readers and followers to incorporate BOSU in their exercises. It doubles the intensity of the workout, and doubles the calories lost. Let me tell you more about it!

What is BOSU?

BOSU is a versatile fitness exercising tool made up of a rubber dome filled with air and attached to a solid base. It can be a great addition to any home gym help you improve your flexibility and balance, polish your reflexes, and reform your body.

This tool was developed by David Weck in 1999 for balance training. The BOSU with the dome on top is used for aerobic exercises and offers an unsteady surface while the base remains balanced. When it is turned over, and the base is on top, the ball becomes very unstable, and perfect for balance training purposes.

This stable and unstable features of the BOSU ball makes it a very versatile exercise tool for many kinds of exercises and athletic activities. It works very well as an exercise tool for young and old alike.

Practically any exercise can be improved by utilizing the BOSU ball. It demands you to use more muscles to keep your body steady, thus making the exercise more intense, resulting in more calories being lost at a faster pace.

BOSU training can be done by beginner, intermediate and advances exercisers.

Benefits of Using BOSU

The BOSU ball is a useful body exercise gizmo. If used properly, the ball can be an amazing tool that produces unbelievable results.

A high-intensity training with BOSU blending practical, mixed full body workout with calorie-burning cardio and intense core, get extreme results in the least amount of time. The secret is the multiple e...

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..., in order to stabilize you. As your balance gets better, you can try doing additional basic moves.

2. The BOSU can be used like a regular exercise ball. With the domed side face up, lie on the dome face up or face down, do some stretches or some cruches.

3. Other cardio and power training movements can also utilize the BOSU ball for increased intensity, including: lunges, plyometric moves, pushups and planks, squats with overhead press, squats and squat jumps and many more.

Include the BOSU ball on your list of musts for your in-home gym. It will suit well to just about any fitness routine, and can be utilized with practically every activity, including stretching and power training to aerobics. Every movement is intensified by BOSU, burning more calories than normal. For that reason alone, owning a BOSU is highly justified!

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