Personal Narrative : A Life Love Letter Essay

Personal Narrative : A Life Love Letter Essay

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Another life love letter to you, I forget what I’ve talked about it just spills out like hot lava. I ate a salad which was a salad with greens and veggies. I get the variety pack of veggies, perhaps if I have to get more after I finish these Ill just get the veggies and make my own. Like the fruit I am sure it will cost less. I am so Frugal! But I mean if you’ve seen what’s happen to me a few times you’d probably understand.

This is coming from a guy that had to file for bankruptcy because he had so much credit card debt trying to make it on his own. If you go through enough crap, stuff simply becomes stuff and you want to spend more on quality than quantity. I bought a $34,000-dollar car off the show room floor and it blue up in the spot I can see from my window currently in spaghetti junction in Downtown Atlanta during rush hour on my way to work. The same car I tried my best to hang on to throughout every “firing”, being “laid off while I had it. At a certain point you realize its not worth it, you’d rather walk because its more reliable, but that was all I had I felt I needed to hang on to it for some reason, even if I couldn’t afford it. It got to the point where my debt was so outrageous and I couldn’t pay it while helping Carolyn and Rodger stain their deck 4 times, even working 70 hour weeks at Nurses registry and Logan’s.

My goal was to pay off my student debt before buying a new car. Then I realized it took so long to move up the corporate later no matter how hard you worked, if HR can’t spot a hard worker they work against you, while making $25 an hour themselves (Recruiters, “talent acquisition specialist”) It really makes you start hating, “the system”. They say money doesn’t “buy” happiness but it sure ...

... middle of paper ... keep things real. Perhaps another reason why you love me? You know Ill just tell you the whole truth and not sugar coat anything because I only want to be honest with you, always have and will.
I guess that’s another thing, “Safe people” taught me about myself. I read people extremely well, probably because I don’t talk much, if I know you aren’t being honest or sincere or have hurt someone or even talked negative about them I’ll automatically turn off anything you have to say after that and you loose all my respect. Trust is hard to earn but can be lost in a blink of an eye.

TV is the most influential tool there is. For example, one of my friends said he’d been taught to read by watching Sesame Street, which is very understandable, he’s the same lawyer I told you about that lives in Chicago with his Partner, also the same guy I saw get harassed so terrible one

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