Personal Narrative: A Journey to be Commemorated Essay

Personal Narrative: A Journey to be Commemorated Essay

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High school has been a relentless path. These four years of my high school career have had their excitements and their downfalls. My life had turned into one that no person would ever imagine enduring, an experience so horrible that it changed my philosophy and outlook on life. On September 23rd 2012, my father passed away from a heart attack. My father was not only a loving parent but was also a great motivator. He always used to tell me “don’t give up,” and that is something I held on to. Not only did my father leave my family with a great ethos, but also left us with a great amount of frustration. Meanwhile, with all this happening I still had issues of my own in school. My grades were at their lowest and I was struggling to bring them back up. I was never too bright in subjects such as Math or English. But that was an issue that I had to deal with by stressing less and focusing more.
Throughout these four years of high school I have learned and have been influenced by many ideas, but also have in fact given back to the community by making it cleaner and more efficient for the next generation. Thankfully, with the use of programs such as KUDER, I have selected UC Davis as my main ingredient in my mixture in making me the next aspiring pharmacist.
My life at Pleasant Grove has been up and down; I struggled the whole way for the most part. Notably, my grades were a perfect example of my struggle. However, becoming a Pharmacist does not only require a person to deal with a rigorous amount of work, but also requires a person to have a passion for their job and their patients. According to the article Pharmacist, “a pharmacist must earn a four year Doctor of Pharmacy.” But most of my grades were usually B’s and C’s. It seemed dif...

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... doing this research about my occupation I feel as if I have made the right choice in going in to pharmacy, mainly because of how I enjoy helping others and also the fact that I get to help cure many people daily and yearly.

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